We constructed the word ACEY to represent our business name using the initial letters of the words Arts, Culture, Education, Youth.

These are the fields of our specialization and professional activity through which we plan and apply our sustainable impact on society and commerce as a business.

We do not deliver profits for businesses and artists only, but also value for Human Resources Development and Personal Life Long Learning Skills.

The meaning of the name ACEY in Anglo-Saxon describes succesfully our particular aim, on projects, products & services and our scope for work.
In Anglo-Saxon the word ACEY means “Unity”.

We work either in English and/or in the Greek language.

We have language skills also in German, French, Spanish, Italian and in Japanese.

Our professional headquarters are in the city of Athens, Greece and our partners spread in the EU member countries. However, we are working globally. 

We are an informal international and interdisciplinary working group of  professionals from the Arts, Culture, Education, Youth sectors of the economy.

We cooperate to solve, improve customers problems on decoration and fine art, trade & deliver fine art products & fine art services worldwide, motivate & coach individuals and/or cooperations.


ACEY working group